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He was a stout bluff-looking gentleman, with no shirt-collar to speak of, and a beard that had been growing since yesterday morning; for Dr Lumbey was popular, and the neighbourhood was prolific; and there had been no less than three other knockers muffled, one after the other within the last forty-eight hours.
The voice of a man muffled up and covered with snow shouted something in her ear.
Edna could hear the whispering voices of dead men and the click of muffled gold.
Dimmesdale had done speaking, a light gleamed far and wide over all the muffled sky.
A muffled sound of voices floated up from the far end of the graveyard.
A moment later he had cut the rope that held the small boat to the steamer's side, and, bending silently to the muffled oars, was pulling toward the black shadows up the Ugambi River.
Miss Leonard's eyes had closed and she spoke in a muffled voice.
She gave him one glassy kiss, and four stiff fingers muffled in worsted.
I am able,' said Mrs Clennam, with a slight motion of her worsted- muffled right hand toward a chair on wheels, standing before a tall writing cabinet close shut up, 'I am able to attend to my business duties, and I am thankful for the privilege.
Another blasted the "background noises and muffled dialogue".
a gunshot muffled by goose down--later at the hospital,
HAPPY VALLEY (BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm) THE search for Ann Gallagher takes an unexpected turn when Kirsten pulls a van over for speeding - and hears muffled sounds coming from the back.