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I do NOT desire that any children of thine should know that the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut took his only wound from a woman.
Eat and be eaten was fair law along the river, and the Jackal came in for his share of plunder when the Mugger had finished a meal.
A little killing here and there is no bad thing--but even the Mugger is sometimes satisfied, as the saying is.
It may be he goes up and down the bank of some river, telling how he once passed his hands between the teeth of the Mugger of Mugger-Ghaut, and lived to make a tale of it.
Friend, those heavy-footed, foolish English are coming to speak with the Mugger.
The Mugger was lying on the sand-bar as still as his own shadow, his fore-feet spread out a little, his head dropped between them, snoring like a--mugger.
In ninety- nine cases out of a hundred a mortally-wounded crocodile can scramble to deep water and get away; but the Mugger of Mugger- Ghaut was literally broken into three pieces.
The two Englishmen had hurried down from the bridge and across to the sand-bar, where they stood admiring the length of the Mugger.
All the muggers of all the rivers grew fat then, but it was my Fate to be fatter than them all.
The mugger then demanded money as he searched his victim's but fled empty-handed.
At the cafe Mike studied the racing page of the newspaper and picked a few horses running in the Nottingham programme, and as he did this, he happened to look up and see a mugger, aged about 22, trying to wrench a handbag from a young lady.
31 ( ANI ): In a hilarious turn of events, a mugger in Central Park, New York City, refused to steal his victim's flip phone because it was too old-fashioned for him.