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Half-past nine struck in the middle of the performance of "Auld Lang Syne," a most obstreperous proceeding, during which there was an immense amount of standing with one foot on the table, knocking mugs together and shaking hands, without which accompaniments it seems impossible for the youths of Britain to take part in that famous old song.
we had another meal, consisting of a small mug of coffee, and half-a-slice of brown bread.
Together, ma'am," and Ben gulped down half of his new mug at one gulp.
She came back, with some bread and meat and a little mug of beer.
The mug was worn and dented: above the twined initials, G.
During the halt Tess's eyes fell upon a three-pint blue mug, which was ascending and descending through the air to and from the feminine section of a household, sitting on the summit of a load that had also drawn up at a little distance from the same inn.
We laughed at you, Griffiths and me, we laughed because you was such a mug.
Not quite empty, mummy," Slightly said, after looking into an imaginary mug.
Damned moose-pasture," quoth one, Long Jim Harney, pausing to blow into his tin mug of tea.
Why, the very mug of you, my lad, sticks out Irish all over it.
Dere was a mug come in deh place deh odder day wid an idear he wus goin' teh own deh place
said Mr Squeers, looking down into a large blue mug, and slanting it gently, so as to get an accurate view of the quantity of liquid contained in it.