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Hawthorne's more sympathetic contemporaries excused this mulishness as merely "beautiful" devotion to an old friend; but, from the beginning of their intimacy in Bowdoin's pro-Jackson club, Hawthorne's and Pierce's friendship had been infused with partisan politics.
Mark is at times severe with Donald Davidson, exposing the flaws in his poetry when he finds them and addressing Davidson's occasional lapses into mulishness and petulance.
We missed his mulishness, his shouting and his provocation because he used to stir up controversy at our sessions and excite our emotions.
The mule, being blindfolded, loses all of its mulishness and turns the shaft until another is hitched in its place.
And if Mary Gulliver (at least in Pope' s appending text) shares something of this lady' s bestial lustfulness, it could be argued that the onomastics of her name also suggest a distinct mulishness, though different in kind from that of her husband.
But when his skinning continues unchecked, fondness becomes tenacity, and tenacity mulishness, and then you are but a step away from the fanatical in Melin's art.
Auden was stressing a moral difficulty of war, which is exactly what Orwell, in a fit of mulishness, claimed he had failed to do.
This mulishness parallels the 1970s, when Southern California choked on smog.
Another man with steady nerves and adolescent mulishness was the explorer of the Grand Canyon John Wesley Powell (1834-1902).