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Thus, the genetics and insurance debate will, in the fairly near future, shift from single-gene to multifactorial disorders.
We are now expanding our knowledge to include multifactorial disorders as well.
Multifactorial disorders are those wherein both genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the disorder.
The most commonly used method to identify genetic risk factors for multifactorial disorders is association study which compares prevalence of a genotype in a group of patients with the disease in concern with that in the control population.
NTDs are known to be complex multifactorial disorders arising from an array of genetic and environmental interactions.
Risk assessments for multifactorial disorders will gain more attention, as will predictions of genotypes that increase the possibility of adverse outcomes when certain drugs are used (pharmacogenomics).
Multifactorial disorders result from the interaction of a number of genes; and mitochondrial disorders result from mutations in mitochondrial DNA.
Multifactorial disorders are complex disorders that are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and they represent the largest group of conditions for which genetics plays a role (Spahis, 2002).
Most cases are multifactorial disorders with relatively low risk recurrence.
Drugs that address rising multifactorial disorders such as cancer as well as lifestyle disorders such as obesity are also likely to experience strong revenue growth.

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