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We will illustrate the principles of underwriting long-term insurance in the presence of a multifactorial disorder in the simple setting of the two-state continuous-time model in Figure 1.
In summary, it is generally conceded that chronic external otitis is a multifactorial disorder.
IBS-D is a multifactorial disorder marked by recurrent abdominal pain or discomfort and altered bowel function that affects as many as 15 million adult Americans, impacting about twice as many women as men.
a serious multifactorial disorder which involves muscle wasting, metabolic impairment and loss of appetite and commonly affects people with advanced cancer.
That's because no single modality can address enough aspects of this complex, multifactorial disorder, and, after several failed treatment attempts, patients are likely to refuse therapy all together, Dr.
This condition is a serious multifactorial disorder which involves muscle wasting and metabolic impairment and commonly affects patients with advanced cancer.
The BRI report (530 pages) analyzes this newly defined multifactorial disorder and its implications for intervention.

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