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Six online courses representing each of these five levels of multimedia integration were purposefully sampled from the 15 reviewed course sites.
Businesses are using multimedia to supplement proposals and presentations.
Video conferencing is the fastest growing segment within the multimedia arena.
Our readers are interested in obtaining the latest information about this evolving technology," said Jonathan Epstein, publisher of Multimedia World.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the impacts of three different kinds of learning, that is, traditional, structured multimedia and unstructured multimedia learning on students' achievement in reading skills and comprehension.
Or, as simply as you can print text and graphics to a laser printer, print your multimedia project to videotape.
Multimedia offers many possibilities for workplace education and training, which becomes less of a hassle.
At the core of the platform are Core Logic's Multimedia Applications Processor, featuring ARM9 processor core and high-performance multimedia functions, and GloNav's GNS4540 high-performance single chip L1 A-GPS solution, offering best-in-class acquisition and tracking sensitivity, time-to-first-fix (TTFF), accuracy and power consumption, together with Assisted-GPS operation on GSM, WCDMA and CDMA networks.
Both hardware and software are needed to create a multimedia program.
In addition to mobile video quality testing, TestQuest Mobile Video Testing Technology includes functional testing of multimedia content, enabling developers to not only verify that multimedia services operate as expected but to also measure a wide range of critical factors such as responsiveness, success rate of launch, time to load, time to play, and service availability.
GENBAND will immediately begin to market the M5(TM) Multimedia Applications Server, representing the suite of applications from BayPackets that is field proven to scale up to millions of subscribers.

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