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In terms of membership, the majority of international river basin organizations are bilateral; however, if multipartite basins only are considered, half of basins with organizations have multilateral organizations in place.
1) As may be seen, multipartite spoonerisms give rise to rectangular word arrays of n words by n lines, where n is the number of initial or end sounds involved; for the nonce, at least, let us call such arrays spoonergrams (1).
Charter of the United Nations, 1945 [hereafter Charter], in International Legislation: A Collection of Texts of Multipartite International Instruments of General Interest Beginning with the Covenant of the League of Nations, ed.
In this study, the inhibition of translation caused by a series of ASOs was tested, using RNA 3 of the multipartite brome mosaic virus as a model system.
This is a extremely dangerous memory resident polymorphic, multipartite virus about 6,000 bytes in size.
Multipartite viruses: These viruses exhibit the characteristics of both boot sector and program file.
In less than fifty years television has solved the multipartite "language question," leaving us with a new set of problems.
Furthermore, L's OneTouch(TM) Recovery Technology will completely eradicate all viruses including boot, applications, Multipartite, Parasitic Stealth, Polymorphic and Macro variants from a system's partition and automatically and safely eradicate spyware, malware, trojan horses, worms, bombs and Port Scanner intrusion corruptions.
Bien avant l'independance, le Maroc avait developpe un systeme multipartite, a-t-il dit, rappelant que le PCM a reussi durant toute son histoire, qui a commence il y a plus de 70 ans, a rester attache aux causes nationales et populaires et a ses principes et a defendre ses valeurs, qui le distinguent toujours sur la scene politique nationale et internationale en resistant a toutes les tentatives de l'affaiblir ou de l'avaler comme ce fut le cas d'autres formations politiques.
I also wish to reiterate my commitment to multipartite and triangular cooperation mechanisms in order to forge balanced, mutually beneficial partnerships with countries of the North.
GESSEL, Multipartite P-partitions and inner products of skew Schur functions, Contemp.
La prochaine tripartite se distingue des precedentes tripartites non pas seulement par la thematique choisie, mais aussi par le fait qu'elle sera une multipartite.