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Multiple correlations were calculated via SPSS software.
Some of the people who work in this practice feel "burned out" much of the time Table 3: List of Means (Standard Deviations), Multiple Correlations, [R.
2) After controlling for the effects of LOC and coping, shrunken squared multiple correlations between all the motivation variables and well-being were .
The multiple correlation obtained also bears out this hypothesis, since the effects of FDA activity and of tolerance to Ni compound to produce an even higher correlation with the extractable metal content.
Neither of these two SSSQ tests was significantly correlated with education or socioeconomic status in a subsequent multiple correlation analysis.
The regression analysis yielded a multiple correlation of .
Table 4 shows that the number of significant regression weights for the multiple correlation analysis was eight for attitudes.
Topics of coverage include: correlation, single predictor regression, multiple correlation, part and partial correlation, detection of extreme scores, multiple regression, regression with continuous predictors, coding of categorical data, regression with categorical predictors, methods for entering predictors in multiple regression, and interaction in multiple regression.
Perspective: Risk provides for complex modeling of cross product pricing correlation with the ability to define multiple correlation models for one grouping.
22 /PRNewswire/ -- Innerscope Research(TM), a revolutionary biometric media research firm, announced today that it can predict accurately and reliably the online buzz generated by Super Bowl(R) advertisements, a conclusion confirmed by multiple correlations observed during a study of 2008 Super Bowl ads and their subsequent performance on MySpace.

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