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Multiple infections were observed with internal parasites was 19/4%.
The dynamics of multiple infection and the evolution of virulence.
The importance of competition in structuring the trematode community is directly dependent on the proportion of hosts experiencing multiple infections.
24) HPV-positive samples with either set of primers were typified by means of a linear array HPV genotyping test (Roche, Branchburg, NJ, USA) and classified as single or multiple infections.
Although multiple infections with the same or different parasites have been reported, simultaneous infections are rare.
It can detect both single infections and multiple infections for 14 hrHPV genotypes using the TOCE technology.
The mode and occurrence of enteric parasitic infections in children from 15 schools were analyzed according to the two categories: single infection [Tables 3,4] and multiple infections [Table 51.
Owing to high prevalence of multiple infections among inhabitants of Afghanistan, it seems that a mass deworming campaign with a single-dose chemotherapy may prove ineffective in eradicating intestinal parasites in the local population.
We have started to identify viral multiple infections with availability of PCR kits which operate with the multiplex method.

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