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However, one can help the offender at his or her current stage in life by providing well-designed and implemented programs that reduce multiple risk factors.
Existing CVD sufferers top the priority list, followed by people without symptoms who are at high risk due to multiple risk factors, high single-factor risks or diabetes.
A research panel of five professional school counselors analyzed transcripts from interviews of 15 youth having multiple risk factors.
Using data from the National Population Health Survey (NPHS), the paper contrasts the three most prominent interpretations of social capital by Bourdieu (1985, 1990), Coleman (1988, 1990), and Putnam (2000) in their association with multiple risk activities.
Further, many of these behaviors are interrelated and thus may be amenable to interventions that address multiple risk behaviors simultaneously.
without evidence of heart disease but with multiple risk factors other than
The large number of adults in the county with multiple risk factors suggests that heart disease and stroke are likely to remain among the leading causes of premature death and disability over the next several decades without major prevention efforts,'' said Dr.
The patient is a 42-year-old male with multiple risk factors for coronary atherosclerosis was presented to the hospital with exertional chest pain on and off for 1 year.
The Ugandan government's programme has been comprehensive and has proven the benefits of promoting multiple risk reduction strategies.
Youth who are faced with multiple risk factors will receive the resources and support necessary to reduce their risk of becoming involved in criminal behaviour or of becoming victims of crime.
Changes in serum creatinine were observed very commonly in patients with pre- and post-transplantation lamivudine-resistant liver disease and multiple risk factors for changes in renal function who were treated with Hepsera for up to 129 weeks, with a median time on treatment of 19 and 56 weeks, respectively.
People at the highest risk for CAD are those with other artery-clogging diseases or multiple risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, or a family history of CAD.

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