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Epidemiologists forecast the diagnosed prevalent and diagnosed incident cases of MS in the 10MM from 2014-2024 using country-specific studies published in peer-reviewed journals that provided the age and sex-specific diagnosed prevalence and diagnosed incidence of MS in the respective multiple sclerosis market.
BioMS Medical's lead technology, MBP8298, is for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and it has two pivotal phase III clinical trials for SPMS patients, MAESTRO-01 in Canada and Europe and MAESTRO-03 in the United States.
Through pledges to each participant, the walks are expected to raise more than $50 million for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
Fatigue in multiple sclerosis and its relationship to depression and neurologic disability.
Sudden sensorineural hearing loss as a presentation of multiple sclerosis.
Sylvia's uncompromising battle for more than a half century to solve the mystery of multiple sclerosis has made her a hero to anyone touched by this devastating disease.
Many of the people with multiple sclerosis are on fixed incomes,'' Dautremont said.
The race benefits the New York City Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and raised over $190,000 to help fight the chronic disease of the central nervous system.
In automimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, the immune system kills its own cells, chronically destroying tissue.
Multiple sclerosis is the most common acquired neurological disease in young adults in North America and Europe (Livneh & Antonak, 1997).
Paty, a neurologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, whose innovative studies on the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, have given scientists a new view of the basic nature of multiple sclerosis, has been named winner of the first John Dystel Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research.
com/research/vqxxft/global_multiple) has announced the addition of the "Global Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology and Patient Flow Analysis - 2012" report to their offering.

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