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DATA RACE is a long time price/performance leader in the statistical multiplexer and high speed modem field.
We're very pleased to have earned the continued confidence of a top-tier carrier as the exclusive provider for M13 Multiplexers," said Dave Lee, vice president of marketing and services, Telco Systems.
Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced the PM7305 FREEDM 336LE, PM7306 FREEDM 84LE,PM7307 FREEDM 32LE and PM8312 TEMUX 32 devices, the newest members of its market-leading FREEDM(TM) family of HDLC packet processors and TEMUX(R) family of high-density T1/E1 framers, mappers and multiplexers for multi-service architectures.
The PM8305 SPS 3G and the PM8307 SPS 3GT SATA multiplexers provide enterprise-class SATA HDD connectivity, including dual porting and an embedded microcontroller for advanced diagnostics and monitoring.
The VISTA SONET Multiplexer Product utilizes digital technology for flexibility and comprehensive command and control features.
Phillips is excited about the opportunity to represent the Charles Multiplexer product line," said Bobby Baine, V.
Interoperability affords operators the flexibility to choose multiplexer vendor
The Alcatel 1642 Edge Multiplexer is a cost-effective STM-1 multi-service node for optical metro access and customer premise applications with numerous service interfaces, including all standard PDH and SDH interfaces from 2 Mbps to 155 Mbps, as well as Ethernet and Fast Ethernet.
Mini-Mux 840 further demonstrates Charles Industries' commitment to its broadband multiplexer product line and the new product synergy Oasys provides.
Mindspeed's highly integrated multiplexers, LIUs and OptiPHY physical-layer devices dramatically reduce our board-space requirements while providing the performance and software support we need to develop complex, configurable testing systems.
The DG2034 4:1 analog multiplexer offers low on-resistance of 4 ohms and off-isolation and crosstalk of -55 dB at 10 MHz.
The company is also enhancing its next-generation metro network offerings by adding highly integrated optical modules, including a 40 channel integrated PLC "Blocker" and monitored VOA multiplexers.

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