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The evacuation of visitors to all these multiplexes would falter in the event of an emergency since there are not enough emergency exits whilst fire extinguishers are not operational.
Stassen notes that while IMAX theaters have traditionally been associated with museums and other educational institutions, the majority of recently built venues have been in standard multiplexes such as those operated by Cineplex Odeon and Edwards Cinemas in Southern California.
Multiplexes give Hollywood studios more than just places to exhibit films: The multiplexes themselves are being built by Warner Bros.
Richard Manly, a frequent moviegoer and Altadena resident, said he welcomes the coming of art films to multiplexes.
SDN therefore recommends a platform operator approach, which will extend our existing proven broadcast model to Multiplexes B,C,D and create a platform of four commercial multiplexes as a `utility' for the benefit of all broadcasters
The FOX system is comprised of four fully redundant multiplexes, each configured as a 4+1system.
In the downstream direction it demultiplexes the signals from the headend for distribution to smaller multiple mini-fiber nodes, while in the upstream direction it multiplexes the signals from the mini-fiber nodes for transport back to the primary hub.
SHOWTIME BEYOND and the "Gen Y" channel are designed to complement the company's strong array of brands and multiplexes including SHOWTIME, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, FLIX and SUNDANCE CHANNEL, as well as SHOWTIME EXTREME, the action/adventure multiplex channel of SHOWTIME which launched in March 1998.
Kfir multiplexes video, audio and user data into Program and constant rate Transport stream, thus removing a significant processing load from an external processor.