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VoIP packet multiplexing is one of the techniques for alleviating the header overhead problem [15], [17], [18].
The BioCode-1000 Analyzer is a rapid, simple, and robust Barcoded Magnetic Beads digital multiplexing system for a 96-well microplate format.
In addition to pioneering the next generation of video compression, Harmonic developed DiviTrackIP, the world's first IP-based statistical multiplexing solution.
MAN was originally designed to transmit voice based on time division multiplexing (TDM) technology.
The ODU-1 to ODU-2 Multiplexing Test Option is available on the NextGen Multi-Rate (NGMR) module.
For cable and other operators who receive content from satellite or over-the-air feeds and then turn around these digital services for distribution on their pay TV networks, the new ProStream 1000 with DiviTrackMX enhances bandwidth efficiency while also supporting multiplexing and scrambling within a single system.
Imagine's breakthrough third-generation statistical multiplexing technology and software-based infrastructure solutions enable tremendous bandwidth improvements, enhanced video quality, and customized service offerings such as targeted ads, personalized audio, and more.
The Electra encoders with DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing eliminate complications associated with obtaining content from different countries.
Imagine's radically different approach to video processing and multiplexing adds negligible incremental consumer response delay (1/10 of a second) for trick modes in VOD and channel change times in switched digital video (SDV) and IPTV, compared to competitors' typical delays of 1-4 seconds.
The industry's first MPEG-2 HD encoder with native IP support, the MV 500 integrates seamlessly with Harmonic's groundbreaking DiviTrackIP(TM) distributed statistical multiplexing solution to maximize the HD service capacity and availability.