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The BioCode-1000 Analyzer is a rapid, simple, and robust Barcoded Magnetic Beads digital multiplexing system for a 96-well microplate format.
What we are seeing is that multiplexing causes a dramatic change in the way subscribers perceive and use our products.
MAN was originally designed to transmit voice based on time division multiplexing (TDM) technology.
For cable and other operators who receive content from satellite or over-the-air feeds and then turn around these digital services for distribution on their pay TV networks, the new ProStream 1000 with DiviTrackMX enhances bandwidth efficiency while also supporting multiplexing and scrambling within a single system.
Imagine's breakthrough third-generation statistical multiplexing technology and software-based infrastructure solutions enable tremendous bandwidth improvements, enhanced video quality, and customized service offerings such as targeted ads, personalized audio, and more.
Imagine's radically different approach to video processing and multiplexing adds negligible incremental consumer response delay (1/10 of a second) for trick modes in VOD and channel change times in switched digital video (SDV) and IPTV, compared to competitors' typical delays of 1-4 seconds.
With the native IP capability of the MV 500, operators gain an extra degree of flexibility by leveraging DiviTrackIP, the industry's first distributed, closed-loop statistical multiplexing solution that more efficiently aggregates, compresses and distributes content independent of where the encoders may be located.
New at NAB will be the TANDBERG MX8400 IP Multiplexer, a next generation product designed for central head-end applications including primary multiplexing for large DTH satellite, cable and terrestrial and contribution and distribution systems.
com/reports/c35029) has announced the addition of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2006 To 2012 to their offering.
ATLANTA -- Serologicals Corporation (NASDAQ: SERO) announced today a definitive agreement to acquire LINCO, a privately owned life sciences company focused on supplying research assays and test kits for the Luminex-based Multiplexing platform and other immunoassays.
This feature-rich Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) system has a new optical layer design and a hybrid implementation of both static and dynamic photonic components that will allow carriers to lower the cost of deployment of broadband optical services over a shared, survivable access infrastructure.
The advent of DNA microarrays has introduced high-level multiplexing to the research market and triggered a shift in the prevailing research paradigm from a hypothesis-driven to a more discovery-based orientation.