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However, the president immediately realized his grave error, corrected himself and apologized for using the wrong expression and said that how Christ multiplied the fish and loaves, art should be multiplied, Huffington Post reports.
Mercy Multiplied radio airs LIVE during drive-time Thursday from 6:15 - 6:45 PM (EDT) and on Friday at the same time on KXEN 1010 AM Christian Talk in St.
Our growth in western Europe further confirms Poynt as the go-to application for local search whether you are at home or travelling abroad," said Andrew Osis, CEO of Multiplied Media.
Subtract the average age of the party's geriatric membership multiplied by how many of them want withdrawal from Europe and the return of hanging, divided by the number of dodgy offshore donors.
Since an object's momentum is equal to its mass multiplied by its velocity, the quicker a billiard ball is moving, the greater its momentum.
Option 2: If the owner relocates the tenant to a suitable housing accommodation at a rent in excess of that for the subject housing accommodation, the owner must pay the tenant a stipend equal to the difference between the rent in the relocated accommodation and their prior rent, multiplied by 72 months (6 years), in addition to reasonable moving expenses.
When I served on the admissions subcommittees and later on the Comprehensive Exam Committee, I was able to have the exam problems structured so that examinees who multiplied factors also got the "school solutions," which at the time were found by adding percentages.
For the first year, an employee's qualified wages are multiplied by 35%, for a $3,500 maximum credit; for the second year, wages are multiplied by 50%, for a $5,000 maximum credit.
Like the crystals from which many borrowed their shapes, Eliasson's constructions multiplied exponentially, filling the gallery with a visual noise atypical within his oeuvre.
ST HELENS' tries multiplied by kicked points is an unusual market, but it looks cheap at 20-23 with IG for tonight's final eliminator against Wigan at the JJB Stadium,
That average is multiplied by the number of hours worked by each server to determine the server's yearly sales.
Before you start, do this simple calculation to figure out your target heart rate (the optimal beats per minute to be sustained for at least 20 minutes): 220 minus your age, multiplied by 80 percent.