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Under the second method, which is a variation of the Black Motor formula, a taxpayer can determine uncollectible NAE amounts by multiplying its year-end accounts receivable balance by a three-year moving-average percentage, reflecting its actual NAE as to its accounts receivable balance at the beginning of the current tax year and the two immediately preceding tax years.
Relative resource weights are calculated by multiplying the inlier average length of stay by the SIW for each case within the group.
Brown's plan are determined by multiplying each year of service by 0.
After multiplying 200 billion of the lymphocytes in a second laboratory culture, he intends to readminister them to the patient, in the hope that they will home in on and kill most of the man's melanoma tumors.
This calculation is made by dividing the short period AMT income by the number of months in the period and then multiplying the resulting figure by 12 to determine the annualized AMT income.
It was calculated by multiplying the 1981 actual price of $1,938 by 163 divided by 100.
Multiplying million-digit numbers takes time -- lots of time.

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