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Absence of syllable effects: Monosyllabic words are easier than multisyllabic words.
Syllable types: A strategy for reading multisyllabic words.
She was a surprising person, frighteningly intelligent, who used multisyllabic and unfamiliar terms even when a shorter, simpler word would do.
The section focusing on decoding and word study includes chapters on phonics, irregular word reading, and multisyllabic word reading.
Guys, please tell me you'd rather have a smart girl -- a girl who can, say, figure out which way is west on the 10 Freeway (I swear, I knew a girl who couldn't) or have a multisyllabic discussion about, oh I don't know, the 2008 presidential election or the melting of the polar ice caps.
2] (low--non-low) (SEQ) or front/ back harmony (F/B) First 50 words: 1;5-2;5: All (non-onomatopoeic) multisyllabic target words are listed below, along with the child's word form.
Syllabically, the words in the two texts were also very similar with the majority of the words comprised of single syllables, and multisyllabic words appearing infrequently.
For consumers who have wondered about multisyllabic ingredients in processed foods, a New York author who has appeared on the Food Network and worked as a chef demystifies them.
Once she has pushed her date safely on the other side of the door, she resumes her drawl as she smiles and says a lilting and multisyllabic "good night.
In the context of a single-subject design, research questions asked if treatment would improve phoneme production and generalize to repetition of multisyllabic words, words of increasing length, discourse, and measures of self-report.
Slowly we are reciting the beautiful multisyllabic words, like malakutaka and mashiatuka, and hoping we can keep up with the people at the church when they pray during the liturgy.