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A second multivariate analysis assessed associations between maternal employment changes and low birth weight in infants, taking into account two other factors possibly influencing birth weight (maternal race and prepregnancy weight).
The multivariate analysis showed a 36% increased risk of death for patients with a pressure of 20-29 mm Hg, controlling for many possible confounders, including age, renal or liver disease, hypertension, and depressed left ventricular function.
In a multivariate analysis that compared women who were positive for Candida with those who were negative, the list of risk factors was entirely different.
In a multivariate analysis, they had a survival advantage over patients not on these drugs that was comparable to that observed in patients with systolic dysfunction.
His topics include experimental and quasi-experimental research, univariate statistics, bivariate analysis comparing two groups, multivariate analysis using regression models to look at the relationship between several predictors and one dependent variable, and using analysis of variance to compare more than two groups.
In the multivariate analysis, white women, Hispanic women and women of other or unknown ethnicities were significantly less likely than blacks to have a primary cesarean that was potentially unnecessary (odds ratios, 0.
The overall results were then tested against these and other factors in a multivariate analysis to determine if the survival benefits attributable to Maxamine were in any way influenced by differences in the baseline characteristics or prognostic factors within the two randomized arms of the study.
Results of the multivariate analysis showed, however, that the older the respondent, the smaller the increase in risk related to age at first intercourse.
Black or Hispanic patients in these areas were half as likely to be on HAART, compared with white patients, after controlling for demographic and structural factors in a multivariate analysis of 713 patients.
MechDyne clients use visualization systems for a variety of applications, including engineering design review, virtual prototyping, manufacturing process simulation and review, factory layouts, multivariate analysis, product flow, and marketing.
Multivariable modeling and multivariate analysis for the behavioral sciences.
In a multivariate analysis, women who had had more than 10 female sex partners had 60% higher odds of bacterial vaginosis than those who had had 1-5 female partners.

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