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The exhibit also features MUMAB, a never-seen-before modern-day ancient mummy.
The mummy is part of ''Mummies of the World: The Exhibition'' on display at the museum through April 26.
Researchers revealed that the mysterious mummy that deteriorated in the German collection for over a century is of an Incan woman who was killed by smashing the head.
When she grew up and became a mummy, she had a little girl who also loved listening to stories at bedtime.
m Egyp Scotl the f THE mysteries of a 3000-year-old Egyptian mummy on display in Scotland are to be explored for first time.
When a little boy grows tired of his mummy, he calls The Mummy Shop for help.
London, October 28 ( ANI ): A study of mummy portraits has revealed that not only did the Egyptians create some stunning sculptures and pieces of architecture, 1st century A.
Daniel Mummy takes me to the shops to buy sweeties.
But one Midland McDonald's could soon be offering Wrappy Meals - because an ancient MUMMY is said to be buried beneath the premises.
The Essential Guide to Mummy Literature begins with a historical introduction and an evaluative history of the mummy in fiction and film.
Egyptian mummy makers turned to animal subjects as well.
LONDON, July 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- House of Fraser, the leading premium department store, has introduced Mummy & Little Me to its online store.