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Another ploy used in the film to intensify the mundane is repetition.
The inclusion or non-inclusion of a map is thus a statement not only of the antagonistic relationship of the mundane and the fantastic, but of where the power to define reality lies, or ought to lie--with the authority of the author, or with the reader themselves.
As desirable as magnanimous morality continues to be in small groups, it is important to recognize that its strong appeal in comparison to that of mundane morality can and commonly does motivate unfortunate public policy.
In this typical passage, Knausgaard makes the mundane visible while reflecting on why it is overlooked: if the clouds were signs, we would attend to them, read them; if matter had meaning beyond the meaning we give it--that would be something.
To become comfortable with mundane nature we need to broaden our understanding of how we interact with these hidden ecosystems within our cities.
Coy quickly adds that the residual effect across organizations of trying to manage that complexity means the creation of an even larger number of so-called mundane, day-to-day tasks.
The tragedy is that for many Canadians, mundane nature is their only nature experience.
The petition to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pleads: "She provides beauty and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives.
An eclectic experience crossing the border between mundane and metaphysical worlds.
Magical elements such as the discovery of a prairie mermaid work their way into mundane individual lives, and nontraditional narrative forms obliquely illustrate how protagonists' crucial decisions have reverberating repercussions far beyond their immediate comprehension.
This mundane contrast points to the prevalent division of labor, a social force so powerful yet so ordinary that most people, even the most progressive, take it for granted.
Using integrated model-driven design, visual development and task- based wizards, WorkSpace automates mundane tasks, reducing errors and freeing developers to concentrate on business logic.