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In its ruling, the Court said: "The Los Angeles Municipal Code provides that waiver or modification of a street approval condition, which is itself a precondition to issuance of a building permit, must be obtained from the Planning Department.
However, he did not have a city business license, nor was he in compliance with Bellingham Municipal Code 6.
On December 1, 2009, the circuit court entered an order finding that the municipal code preempted the village ordinance.
The Anaheim Municipal Code obligates the transient (i.
Every building from the simplest shack to the grandest home to the most complex of office buildings must be built according to applicable municipal codes and pass municipal code inspectors.
In May, the council adopted some of the suggestions including changing Newark's municipal code to comply with state law that forbids discrimination on the grounds of gender or sexual orientation in hiring and contract bids.
It allows appointed counsel for indigent defendants to be dismissed in misdemeanor and municipal code cases if no jail time will be imposed if convicted.
Built before Chicago's 1949 municipal code mandated using noncombuslible materials in the construction of schools, or the presence of sprinkler systems, fire doors, or fully enclosed stairways, the overcrowded wood and brick structure had been exempted from such requirements, and parochial and diocesan officials had seen their installation as cost-prohibitive.
The transition document then describes the municipal code references that established the police department, as well as the powers of the chief and officers serving in the department.
While poring through the municipal code, deregulators have found reams of outdated ordinances.
The afternoon will be spent working in groups with community representatives to outline the critical elements of a comprehensive amendment or new elements to the City of Los Angeles's Municipal Code that legalizes street vending.

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