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The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to obtain competitive proposals from qualified firms capable of providing Municipal Court management software.
Louis allows defendants who face arrest for failing to appear in municipal court to reschedule those hearings without penalty.
That means there is a potential to get municipal court work done well and still have capacity to get work done on this (county) side.
Our leadership in municipal court software, with exclusive features, efficiencies and speed, is clearly defined with 99% client satisfaction and 100% retention rate.
He was appointed in 1990 as Municipal Court judge, and in 1993 was named a Superior Court judge.
In 1950, the City of Miami established, as part of its municipal court system, a jurisdictional district that served the black community.
Municipal Court administrators were charged several years ago with turning around a cumbersome and ineffective court system.
For example, analysts can take the gross income to a municipal court from traffic tickets, reduce that by the amount forwarded to others, and divide the remaining value by the number of citations issued.
NYSE: TYL) today announced that the City of Dallas has selected its Incode([R]) municipal court case management system to fully integrate the City's municipal court functions into one solution.
The mayor's comment came just before Springfield Municipal Court Judge James Strickland and city attorney Matthew Cox outlined for councilors a plan to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana a violation of Springfield's municipal code.
announced today that the City of Oklahoma City has purchased Tyler's INCODE(R) software for municipal court applications.
Filer, 46, of Long Beach works in the Superior Court's South Central District and was first appointed a Compton Municipal Court commissioner in 1993.

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