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There are other steps to accomplish community ownership that can be taken even without municipalization or CCA.
The municipalization of the State Treasury may occur through the transfer of property of the State Treasury for the benefit of local government units.
Every policy innovation, from tax reform to park construction to water municipalization, was forced to answer a single underlying query: will it attract new industry and reliable workers to our town, without needlessly disrupting the workers and industries who are already here?
Ownership of property is part of this redefinition and with reform processes there has been a transfer of property from national and regional government to local government and into private ownership; described as the muniCipalization of property (Danielian, 2002).
200] argued that municipalization would provide much better service at far lower cost, would give the voters every reason to monitor closely the activities of the officials in charge, and would finally overthrow the spoils system.
In July 1918, a committee attached to the Moscow Soviet began the municipalization of the largest firms in the city, including the famous department store Muir & Mirrielees, and then mid- and small-scale retailers.
During his time as deputy mayor, he was responsible for the municipalization of the city's electricity and the modernization of municipal and regional transport systems.
The first is a centratist stage of rederal water boards that prevailed from 1948 to 1983, later comes the stage of municipalization started in 1983 when the service was assigned to local governments, and, in third place, the article reviews the promotion of autonomous and business-like operating units undertaken by the National Water Commission in 1989.
Legislation was proposed in California to promote municipalization of investor-owned utility systems.
Promotion, prevention, municipalization and health assurance in seven municipalities Under the assumption that the State's basic administrative entity at local level is the municipality, a case study was carried out to identify potential relationships between health promotion and prevention, according to the Basic Attention Plan and the Compulsory Health Plan, and the processes of municipalization and health assurance.