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Local leaders had been calling for municipalization of the gas and light plant for years, and when the private franchise expired in 1903, Berlin's residents voted to purchase the works.
Ownership of property is part of this redefinition and with reform processes there has been a transfer of property from national and regional government to local government and into private ownership; described as the muniCipalization of property (Danielian, 2002).
The article also reported on conditions at the Golofteev and Aleksandr retail arcades, the author pointing out that formerly ladies (damy) occupied these fashionable premises, shopping and trying on clothing, but after the revolution the Municipalization Commission had taken over, setting up its headquarters in the arcades.
org for materials on municipalization and other concerns regarding public power.
Or municipalization of the means of production everywhere?
Cohen sees the height of municipalization as coinciding with the Grande Exposition of 1889 when the Republic invited all 37,000 mayors to come celebrate in Paris and 11,182 accepted the invitation.
First, municipalization is a trend arising as a response to monopoly in the cable television and local exchange telephony markets.
When other methods of regulation failed, authorities turned to municipalization to exert control.
Boulder needs to understand that we will not give up our legal rights to serve our customers outside the city who have had no say in the original municipalization study vote.
At the same time, municipalization marked an important step in the history of colonies de vacances; it began the process of linking hygiene and lengthy rural vacations with the "rights" of children, and it embedded the colonies firmly into the growing array of institutions of mass education and leisure.
84) Certainly, the idea of municipal control was not a daunting thought for a city that, according to Harold Riley, "led the cities of Canada in the municipalization of utilities.
The concept of national institutions like this that really promote taxation, promote municipalization, do not support recognition of inherent right.