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For 30 years homelands communities on Aboriginal land have been, in some sense, beyond the frontier of municipalized Australia, certainly of the municipalized Northern Territory which has been more than content to allow the Commonwealth to subsidize local resource agencies, incorporated as Associations under either Northern Territory or Commonwealth Acts, to attend to their infrastructure and housing.
The aqueduct would generate hydro-electricity, which the city perceptively municipalized at its inception.
During the 1890s, most of the big Swiss cities municipalized their electrical networks (p.
The ruling in Public Utility Commission(309) has grave consequences for the future of municipalized broadband networks.
Electric utilities, for example, can lose their power contracts with those businesses able to switch to alternative forms of energy, generate power for themselves, or gain access to other electricity supply options such as municipalized service.
As per the report, under the Municipalized Programme for Rural Development and Fight against Poverty, the related infrastructures were constructed.
This hospital structure was partially inherited from the federal government (three municipalized units from 1996) and partly as a result of the intense privatization policy of the 1960s and 1970s.