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Nicholas could not go to bed without expatiating on the excellences and munificence of the brothers Cheeryble, and relating the great success which had attended his efforts that day.
In the current study we employ munificence, dynamism and complexity measures to control for differences in industry competitive environments as a means to help us compare factors influencing analysts' estimations across different industries and competitive conditions.
In part one - "Mirabil Congiuntura: The Barberini and Their Program" - Hammond provides the social and financial history of Pope Urban VIII's Florentine family, explores his personal ideals in a post Counter-Reformation age, and introduces the reader to the grandeur of his munificence as a patron.
Three contextual dimensions that affect payoff comprehension and the matrix of rewards are munificence, complexity, and dynamism (Dess, Ireland & Hitt, 1988; Keats & Hitt, 1988; Tung, 1979).
These will probably include debtors around the world desperate to find a substitute for Japanese munificence.
He will be out of Malacanang, from where he has dispensed munificence to allies and friends, and hurled thunderbolts to perceived enemies and nonconformists to his acts and policies.
God, as a sign of God's munificence and benevolence, constructively wished presence of different faiths.
Fels' munificence will continue for another 10 years after the two stations, fire and police, are paid for, meaning a decade without any municipal appropriations.
The environment of organizations includes institutions involved in creating public policy to foster innovation and enhance environmental munificence (i.
2 billion-a-year and in order for us to be the benefactor of this munificence MEPs and their staff will cost European taxpayers pounds 9,000 a day in free snacks and soft drinks.
The benefactress was Mrs Mary Weaman, who presented the ground, in the centre of which it is placed, in 1774, and, according to the custom of the place, selected a patroness whose name should perpetuate the donor's munificence.
In fact, these private collectors had made the letters available to researchers for free and precisely had been previously published because of such munificence by its private owners.