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No sooner had we got rid of these birds, which occasioned us great annoyance, than we were terrified by the appearance of a fowl of another kind, and infinitely larger than even the rocs which I met in my former voyages; for it was bigger than the biggest of the domes on your seraglio, oh, most Munificent of Caliphs.
The power of his deportment was such that they really were as much overcome with thankfulness as if, instead of quartering himself upon them for the rest of his life, he were making some munificent sacrifice in their favour.
She is, you are aware, a woman of most munificent disposition, and happily in possession--not I presume of great wealth, but of funds which she can well spare.
he showed us to our seats, not the smallest acknowledgment of our kindness in giving such munificent orders did we draw from him, he hovered around the table as if it would be unsafe to leave us with his knives and forks (he should have seen her knives and forks), when we spoke to each other he affected not to hear, we might laugh but this uppish fellow would not join in.
In recognition of this munificent patronage of the State's languishing industries, the Governor commissioned him a colonel.
Munificent as life was to me, I added to that munificence.
But those who take an interest in this tale, will be glad to learn that the BROTHERS CHEERYBLE live; that their liberal charity, their singleness of heart, their noble nature, and their unbounded benevolence, are no creations of the Author's brain; but are prompting every day (and oftenest by stealth) some munificent and generous deed in that town of which they are the pride and honour.
Sparsit, 'your will is to me a law, sir; otherwise, it might be my inclination to dispute your kind commands, not feeling sure that it will be quite so agreeable to Miss Gradgrind to receive me, as it ever is to your own munificent hospitality.
Prices that appeared munificent in the 1970s have remained constant -- or even been reduced, in a few cases -- despite the eroding effects of income and inflation.
But for those who come to realise their mistake and wish to re-join our munificent British welfare state, they should be told no - go back from whence you came, you have made your bed, now go back and lie on it, you are not wanted here.
In a customary weekly meeting on Monday, the cabinet also voiced thanks to the munificent donations by Kuwaiti institutions and individuals to help the afflicted Syrian people, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah said in a press statement following the meeting.