murderous assault

See: killing
References in classic literature ?
But there was no doubt that this mysterious unknown was the man of The Yellow Room,--the man to whose murderous assault Mademoiselle Stangerson--without denouncing him--had had to submit.
The civil society of Budgam in its statement condemned the heinous and murderous assault on Shahid Yousuf and demanded an immediate action against the culprits.
That is the kind of racism represented by the white nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville over the weekend, drawing crowds of counterprotesters, leading to violent confrontations and, eventually, a murderous assault with a vehicle and a tragic helicopter accident.
The self- proclaimed Gau Rakshaks probed by the network's special investigation team were not linked to the murderous assault on Khan and his co- workers.
Mirwaiz while denouncing the murderous assault on a 16-year-old student Qaiser Hameed Sofi called upon the international human rights bodies to take notice of Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir said a press release issued on Tuesday.
Owaisi feels that Congress "committed a blunder" by taking onboard Mohammed Pahelwan, one of the accused in the 2011 murderous assault on Akbaruddin Owaisi.
Including himself, 18 people would die as a result of that murderous assault and 15 would be injured.
Smith said in an interview with CNN reporter Dan Simon that the gunman told her son: "You - with the glasses - stand up," before telling him he would be the "lucky one" to survive the murderous assault in a UCC classroom.
Solid contributions from Edward Pollock (38), skipper Andrew Sutton (33) and Matthew Lamb (30) bolstered the Green card but Best put those efforts in the shade with a murderous assault.
The lads had been collected from school by Jonathan who brought them to a park before he launched his murderous assault.
Harper's government is one of the biggest cheerleaders and sycophants for Israel's murderous assault on the Palestinian residents of Gaza.
It isn't just two Middlesbrough Councillors who are sickened by the unjust and murderous assault on Gaza and its 1.