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As it turned out, after hitting his wife in the head with a hammer, Modesto went to the toilet to commit suicide by drinking muriatic acid.
Timeline of events showing deactivation and reactivation of recirculation pump, release of sodium hypochlorite and muriatic acid into the pool water,* and call to emergency services-Municipal Water Park, Contra Costa County, California, June 17-18, 2015
Optional items: mortar pigment or colored grout, muriatic acid and stone sealer
An unusually large number of cans of camp fuel, paint thinner, acetone, staring fluid, lye and drain cleaners containing sulfuric acid or bottles containing muriatic acid
The ingredients include common cold medicines, ammonia fertilizer, and muriatic acid.
Following a few simple rules when working with muriatic acid, TSP (tri-sodium phosphate), wood preservatives, stains/paints and other volatiles can reduce the potential risk.
After this initial cleaning, dip the sensor into a little muriatic acid to clean off any remaining oily film.
Two containers holding what appeared to be highly corrosive muriatic acid fell into traffic on West 18th Avenue between Polk and Chambers streets about 3:40 p.
For a speedier cleanup, wash the surface with water or diluted muriatic acid and a stiff brush (nonwhite efflorescence should not be washed with acid as staining could occur).
Prout identified free muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid) in the gastric juice of various animals and humans after a meal and suggested that it was derived from the common salt of the blood by the force of galvanism (electricity).