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Sure, he gets to wear sunglasses, chomp cigars and fire enormous automatic weapons, but there's a moral murkiness to his character that marks a real departure for the star.
And yet, even though the sun was still at the top of tree height level, a murkiness had enveloped the park and was bathing it in the kind of curious half light that can be more prevalent in June.
This is for me horribly similar to the murkiness that surrounded the mortality statistics for Mid Staffs.
And Neil says his greatest fear is the murkiness of the river as a result of the silt which will prevent him from seeing what lies beneath him as the tide recedes and the water becomes more shallow.
Despite murkiness over the lawsuit's implications, Erkmann said the Cablevision-Viacom dispute is an important case, one that could pave the way for more like it.
If that happens, it will be easier to see through the murkiness to true economic recovery.
On top of the potentially explosive dispute over the election is murkiness over the latest health scare of the 84-year-old former President Hosni Mubarak, who was ousted in Egypt's uprising last year and is now serving a life sentence in prison.
Then again, Manson always knew how to sell a song and her enthusiasm for the material offsets any murkiness and cloudy dark undercurrent.
Michael Gregory at BMO Capital Markets noted the murkiness of the economic picture, and said some of the ebbing momentum could be due to an unseasonably mild winter.
With its rippling arpeggios alternating between D minor and E-flat minor, "Swamp Creature," vividly evokes the swirling murkiness of a swamp.
According to Doss, the murkiness, which lies ahead for Egypt's political future, is the reason behind such downgrades.
Such is the sewer-like murkiness of all this affair it's difficult to know who should be investigating whom.