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Muscle fiber characteristic analysis in the psoas major muscle was performed as described in the methods of Brook and Kaiser and Lind and Kernell [27,28].
Such activities were better performed by muscles with endurance that "operate at a lower cost," Umberger said, and now more than two-thirds of human muscle fibers are slow-twitch.
The e1, e2, and e3 values represent diffusivity along the long axis of a muscle fiber, along the muscle bundle in the direction of the endomysium, and along the cross-section of the muscle fiber, respectively.
For instance, by stimulating muscle fibers at varying frequencies, scientists can study how repeated stress affects muscle performance.
Switching the committed stem cells from myogenesis to fibrogenesis or adipogenesis are competitive process and reduce muscle fiber number while increasing fat and connective tissue in muscle (Yan et al.
The methods complement each other in that the light microscopy protocol provides images in which collagen and muscle fibers can be separated by staining in different colors, whereas the CLSM protocol only stained muscle fibers.
To study skeletal muscle physiology, single muscle fibers can be obtained from mice by either manual isolation or enzymatic dissociation.
The collected data of muscle fiber diameter and sarcomere length were statistically analyzed by GLM procedures of SAS (2002).
There was conspicuous atrophy of a large group of muscle fibers, called group atrophy (Figure 10).
Ploug and colleagues (1998) found that GLUT4 in basal fibers is distributed along all the muscle fibers, and is present both at the surface (68% of total GLUT4) and in the core (32% of total GLUT4) of the fibers.
Our 2-h-interval observations of esophagus muscle differentiation clearly indicated that many muscle fibers existed in the posterior half of the gullet after 48-52 h; after this period, these cells were also observed in the anterior half.