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After birth, total muscle fiber number has been reported to remain unchanged in mammals and birds by most authors (reviewed by Rehfeldt et al.
The aim of this study was to examine the possibility of using muscle fiber characteristics as new selection traits for both improving lean meat production ability and meat quality.
39928301T>G in the coding regions of the Mrf4 gene that influence the muscle fiber traits.
The muscle fiber type has been reported to be regulated by PGC-1[alpha] (Lin et al.
The methods complement each other in that the light microscopy protocol provides images in which collagen and muscle fibers can be separated by staining in different colors, whereas the CLSM protocol only stained muscle fibers.
There was conspicuous atrophy of a large group of muscle fibers, called group atrophy (Figure 10).
Mitochondrial adaptations which occur within skeletal muscle fibers in response to endurance training are specific to the muscle fibers recruited during the training.
The satellite cells per muscle fiber and percentage of satellite cells in both groups are shown in Table 2.
The arrangement of muscle fiber types in the axial muscle of various cyprinids (Teletostei).
Modulating beta-catenin levels at the sarcolemma is critical for the organization of sarcomeres, the basic building units of muscle fibers, and, in turn, for the remodeling and the regeneration of skeletal and cardiac muscle," d'Azzo said.
However, a 12-week study of 26 volunteers above 50 years of age showed that resistance training--even with protein-restricted diets--increased muscle fiber by 23 percent on average.