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Partially underpinning heterosexual males' preference for a muscular body may be the belief that greater muscularity is associated with greater desirability and attractiveness to girls (Pope et al.
3 Nutritional status, body image satisfaction, eating problems, drive for muscularity, self-esteem and behaviors carrying a risk of obesity
Females report greater concerns about their weight, but males inform of a greater pursuit of muscularity (Grossbard, Lee, Neighbors, & Larimer, 2009).
Based on acquired data during the test involving raising the trunk from supine in 30", while testing endurance when intensifying abdominal muscularity, I came up with the following conclusions:
The authors (10) emphasised that a concern with muscularity is the central aspect of male body image.
Entre os comportamentos negativos associados ao drive for muscularity destacam-se o uso de esteroides anabolizantes, pratica excessiva de exercicios resistidos, uso de diureticos, checagem constante do volume muscular e evitacao do corpo --que por sua vez, reflete-se na esquiva de mostrar o corpo, na resistencia em manter contato intimo e por meio do uso de roupas largas (Pope et al.
Circumference ratios (Figure 4) were analyzed to assess changes in body segments typically associated with muscularity and/or adiposity (4,21).
Membership of the Suffolk Sire Reference Scheme, extensive use of ultra-sound, CT scanning and modern breeding techniques like AI have all contributed to the advances made in terms of faster weight gains and increased muscularity.
That's the muscularity we were aiming for with Q30 Concept.
Radiographic diagnosis is based on the overgrowth of these fibroadipose and osseous tissue elements, with inherently normal muscularity, ligaments, and tendons.
The music, likewise, rides that line between muscularity and accessibility, such as when the power chords give way to more delicate guitar work at the beginning of "Hemorrhage.
Solidity and flowing lines give it an edgy muscularity that's bad' but not evil.