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All patients who came to our Institute in the spring of 2017 with alleged history of Mushroom poisoning were included in our study.
Mushroom poisoning in the southwest region of the Caspian Sea, Iran: A retrospective study.
In 2016, local mycologists noted an abundance of wild mushroom growth, and California county health departments reported an increase in the incidence of mushroom poisoning (9).
Sindromic diagnosis and management of confirmed mushroom poisonings.
Clearly, there is something that has changed in my mind that has led to more mushroom poisoning cases," he said.
Mushroom poisoning with Amanita phalloides: a report of four cases.
The coroner John Matthews was told that it was not until Mrs Tuckey had died and her niece was seriously ill in hospital that mushroom poisoning was considered.
Mushroom poisoning (especially with Amanita phalloides) should be considered in presentations of ALF.
Except for botulism and some cases of mushroom poisoning, most food poisoning isn't serious.
The report also recommends research on the potential use of milk thistle for acute toxin ingestion, such as mushroom poisoning or aceraminophen overdosage.
It's the only known antidote for deadly Amanita (death cap) mushroom poisoning.