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Ever since Pythagoras of Samos and his followers worked out the math of harmony and speculated about the ever-present (if inaudible) music of the spheres, scientists have been fascinated with song.
Since then the albums Music Of The Spheres, Solarized and The World Is Yours have helped Brown maintain his status as an innovator.
The Music of the Spheres set - described as the Stradivarius of windchimes - had been sent by a fan in America, where Susan is a huge star.
Like the theory of strings today, the music of the spheres was considered a "beautiful" hypothesis, but a hard one to prove.
from Mu-sic and Tho-reau; after the composition by John Cage The squeaking of the pump sounds as necessary as the music of the spheres.
During his voyage through history, Johnston pauses to discuss what the theories of Copernicus did to the music of the spheres, how the first phonographs worked, the development of musical notation and why computers only like ones and zeroes.
MY PERSONAL COSMOLOGY of Conceptualism starts with snakes: David Askevold's Kepler's Music of the Spheres Played by Six Snakes, 1971-74, to be exact.
MIKE OLDFIELD - MUSIC OF THE SPHERES It's 35 years since Tubular Bells broke and Mike is back with Music Of The Spheres which draws on the idea that all celestial bodies have an inner music inaudible to the ear.
Joined by renowned composer Karl Jenkins and the Sinfonia Sfera Orchestra, Music Of The Spheres sees Oldfield take inspiration from his million selling debut Tubular Bells, creating a unique piece of music split into two parts.
At quiet moments inside Maccarone, trucks barreling down nearby cobblestone streets caused the rods to shimmer and shake, the attached wires humming softly the music of the spheres.
Ruff and Rodgers 1983 presents an audible version of the music of the spheres as Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) conceived of it.
Susan Rankin's examination of musico-spatial systems associated with the doctrine of Music of the Spheres emphasizes the role of medieval theorists-especially ninth-century theorist John Scot Eriugena--in reformulating classical models setting out intervallic relationships between celestial bodies.