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TO MUSTER, mar. law. By this term is understood to collect together and exhibit soldiers and their arms; it also signifies to employ recruits and put their names down in a book to enroll them.

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Ay, ay, we shall see, Muster Gashford, we shall see.
I'd lead them, Muster Gashford,'--the hangman was beginning in a reckless way, when Gashford started forward, laid his finger on his lips, and feigned to write, just as the door was opened by John Grueby.
Tenders are invited for Supply of contract labour (unskilled : 5000 musters, Semi-skilled : 400 musters and Skilled: 200 musters) for misc.
The hand-tub teams belong to the New England States Veteran Fireman's League and hold musters during the summer months.
Military Musters Founders Have First-Hand Knowledge of Gaps in Services, Want to Provide Wellness Solutions
The Nationality of Passengers policy will include the recording of the nationality of each passenger onboard, while the Common Elements of Musters and Emergency Instructions policy, will specify 12 common elements to be communicated to passengers during emergencies and routine muster procedures.
As they can reduce muster times by over 70 per cent, they can reduce offshore downtime both in regular weekly routine musters and in alerts," he says.
The big band, then, is still highly relevant and it certainly presents plenty of challenges to musicianship, which is why Huddersfield University's music department musters a big band that might well be sounding better than ever.
Inspired by Darwin's account of his experienced in Patagonia, retired Royal Navy Commander Musters landed at Gregory Bay in 1869 and spent nearly a year crossing the steppes to the Rio Negro.
Accounts of common militia musters are myriad in newspapers and writings of the period; we shall savor a sample from Georgia histo rical fiction:
The president still musters the rhetoric of crisis, complete with the appropriately trembling lip, and the media dutifully record the story.