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11) Browning's monologues capture just this reciprocal connection between "self' and "setting," but his emphasis on the mutability of travel and of thought questions whether the self-conceptions formed through journeying (or through experience more generally) can ever be "lasting.
10) We cannot stop here, however, given the central importance of mutability in both works, Spenser's Cantos and Lewis's tale.
This omission is unfortunate, given the obvious problems that result when God's suffering, responsiveness, and mutability are confused.
Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy, who chaired the Medal's judging panel, said: "Jo Shapcott won the Costa Book of the Year Award in 2010 for her collection, Of Mutability, but the award of the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry is the true crowning of her career.
You mutability, your main astral quality, means that you can ebb and flow in your moods, but this is not a time to hum and hah but to get stuck in and show what an absolute one off you are.
It is not a mark of wisdom among the political beneficiaries of this development to attempt to build a permanent program of government on such a foundation: intrinsic to our modern age is the mutability of national economies and social practices and expectations, and the popular passions generated among citizens by abrupt shifts in their sense of well-being as well as their actual status are correspondingly ephemeral.
Her mutability as a performer lends itself to the character-based stuff that she does, which is one of the reasons that she steers clear of issue-lead or political routines.
Amid an explosion of colours, there is an alluring Klum who displays her great talent for mutability by condensing multiple archetypes of femininity -- " as a moody mistress, seductive vamp and modern witch", the publishing house said.
The reader who might not expect to be enthralled by the dangerous mutability of the gold standard, for example, will find it a subject of real fascination.
This monograph is an odyssey of mathematical metamorphosis and mutability.
Chapter 7 turns resolutely to the Irish context, with a consideration of the Mutability Cantos in terms of the legal difficulties of effecting sovereignty in Ireland.
Issues referenced in their work include ideas about identity, the mutability of history, the effects of consumerism, a re-thinking of aspects of art history, and the distorting structures of fame.