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For more than half (53%) of the cases, the decision of not genitally mutilating their daughters was a joint parental decision.
The Tokyo District Court sentenced a man to life imprisonment Wednesday for killing a 23-year-old woman who lived two doors down from him in a Tokyo condominium and mutilating her body last year.
Wong and Morgan, eager to please, dispense with messy things like feelings and fear and crank up the assembly line, mutilating a new body every few minutes.
She first finds relief in mutilating herself with razor blades, but eventually attempts suicide with her mother's antidepressants and a bottle of vodka.
Young criminals are suspected of mutilating pigeons after snatching them from a Midland town centre.
A counselor may be in legal jeopardy for non-disclosure if a student shares mutilating behavior with a counselor and is later seriously injured.
Speaking at a press conference last night,held a week after Mr Prudhoe was last seen alive,police said they had no idea what the motive could be for killing and mutilating him.