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At first glance this appears to be a significant shift in interpretive approach--indeed, it's hard to imagine a more mutinously contrarian view of Faulkner's oeuvre than one claiming that Yoknapatawpha is in some ways besides the point--but finally there is not much difference between a view of Faulkner's chief accomplishment as the creation of a "complete and living" "mythical kingdom" that works as a "parable or legend of all the Deep South" and one casting it as a kind of universalized rebel yell: "a political and ideological alternative to .
In a dramatic reversal of power relations, however, Ursula mutinously shakes off her conqueror, deranging the male plot of possession.
More specifically about Benito Cereno, Levine remarks that the text "transforms the reader into a self-conscious sea-captain desirous of restoring the ship of state even as he or she remains aware of, and mutinously identifie with, an otherness subsumed and enslaved by the |consensual' demands of community" (223-24).