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Actors muttering can be testing, you find you have missed a line.
And after being tackled by a viewer, Hall said: "I don't want to sound like a grumpy old man, but I also think muttering is something we could have a look at.
The muttering, I sincerely hope, isn't the start of some split personality disorder.
And also the person to whom I am married, or to whom I was married 11 minutes ago, is a mysterious changeable country whom I try to simply savor and appreciate rather than attempt to understand or, God help us all, predict in any way, shape, or form whatsoever, such predilection to prediction being the surest road to muttering at the bus stop.
I'm going to keep muttering until this argument moves from a defense of urban gay men's sexual privileges to a movement recommitted to freeing both women's and men's sexualities from their heterosexist straitjackets.
The scientists concluded that muttering "keys, keys, keys" while looking for them could in fact help people find them.
In fact, he may even have been muttering to himself, thinking that Healy had added another run to England's survival target.
O'Neal has been muttering for several days about comments he heard broadcaster Bill Walton make about his weight.
Tardiness is one classical hallmark of job dissatisfaction, and muttering under one's breath is not exactly a symbol of a happy employee either.
Then muttering, in Portuguese, of an invisible matron about the house.
Although it did cause my daughter to walk around muttering to all who would listen, ``These contests must have a deal with the Post Office.
Attorney Baruch Weiss accused King at one point last week of muttering within earshot of jurors that prosecutors were trying to frame him.