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Then his voice dropped once more into mutterings that I could not translate, but I had heard enough to cause me to guess a great deal more, and I thanked the kind Providence that had led me to this chamber at a time so filled with importance to Dejah Thoris and myself as this.
We needed the money, we needed the money," he kept muttering, as he vainly tried to count the coins; and Saxon knew that his mind was wandering again.
His eyes closed, and he slept more soundly, though his muttering continued.
MUTTERING Stag So Martin was either completely bladdered.
But Mr Hall added: "I don't want to sound like a grumpy old man, but I also think muttering is something we could have a look at.
WHO is the crazy person who wanders through my local woodland muttering to himself?
Mr Gray's partner Lynda Bubb told the first day of the inquest in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire: "The doctor seemed a bit dithery, he was muttering to himself.
He still got the break and broke again in the third game, leaving Alves muttering to himself on the court.
Toronto--Joanne McGarry, executive director of the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL), has objected to a website featuring an animated cartoon showing the new Pope giving a statue of the Virgin Mary a Nazi salute and muttering, "Heil Mary" in a German accent.
PRINCE Charles, who since Diana died has tried to pass himself off as the caring, sharing, modern face of the Royal Family, showed his true colours last week at a Press conference with Wills and Harry in Klosters when he was caught out muttering "these bloody people" at journalists.
Some of us have been muttering this for decades, but it's always been theoretical.
You will see her stopping, looking stumped, then continuing on, always bugging people for a dollar in a really idiotic and unattractive fashion, So, on my way up the street today at the corner of Sunset, where my bank is, she's standing there muttering and spouting out a storm.