mutual sympathy

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After recent events, their relations with each other had grown somewhat cold; there could no longer be mutual sympathy or intimacy between them.
how I do wish I could see you, my Anna, and spend one sweet half hour in the dear confidence of mutual sympathy.
Yours, with all the tenderness of friendship that is founded on mutual sympathy, congenial souls, and innate evidence of worth.
For the time had come when they could talk together not only as father and daughter, but as man and woman, able and glad to serve each other with mutual sympathy as well as mutual love.
Switzerland and Qatar are not very big countries but quite important economically so there is a lot of mutual sympathy.
A mutual sympathy brought about a sincere friendship that sometimes induced us to plan relieving pauses at the end of our commitments.
Their common sorrow bound them together, their grief gave them mutual sympathy.
Interaction with Bulgaria is based on the traditions of friendship and mutual sympathy between our nations", Russian President Putin said at ceremony in the Kremlin Wednesday, at which he received the credentials of a number of new foreign ambassadors to Russia.
He tried to fix his eyes to mine in a gaze of mutual sympathy.
Typically isolated individuals sought to promote mutual sympathy with little result.
The four meanings I will distinguish are: mere contagion of sentiments; identification-sympathy; mutual sympathy; and moral mutual sympathy.
As a result of their long-lasting friendship, they have mutual sympathy and enjoy mutual support.

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