mutual transfer

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Mutual transfer will be carried out under policy-2013.
LAHORE -- Director General Lahore Development Authority (LDA), Ahad Khan Cheema has ordered mutual transfer of Rana Muhammad Jamil (PMS/BS-17) working as Deputy Director in Directorate of Estate Management Quaid e Azam Town and Syed Yawar Abbas, Assistant Director (General Cadre), working as Deputy Director in Directorate of Land Acquisition.
The university had organized the transfer process of various government sector employees to the university through a transfer list issued by the Civil Service and has placed extra regulatory conditions to attract a distinctive and qualified cadre through mutual transfer.
Function of cross-border communication will ensure the transmission of information in responding to various emergencies, coordination of the measures implemented by events that have an impact on both partners, communication during joint exercises, localization intervening fire brigade and the mutual transfer of knowledge and information.
The two sides will sign five crucial treaties, including those on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, mutual transfer of convicted prisoners, on fight against international terrorism, organised crime and illegal drug trafficking.
The deal has also been expanded to allow Switzerland to participate in the mutual transfer of tritium between the EU and Canada.
Through the mutual transfer of knowledge we strongly believe that Welsh manufacturing can flourish.
During broadcast, VOD and Push VOD video programs, P2P can transmit video contents through active or automatic mutual transfer between user ends, thus avoiding network congestion when all contents are transmitted from one or a few servers.
The project will involve taking a multidisciplinary approach to crane construction and we will promote the mutual transfer of knowledge between academic and industrial partners, as well as between academic partners from different countries," explains Rafal Sornek, Vice President, Research and Development, Hiab.
Commission recommended the federal employees of the ministries which will be transferred to provinces be given options including deputation, mutual transfer and golden shake hand.
When academic institutions join with community groups to work for the common good, there is both an improvement in the quality of lives of those in the community, and a mutual transfer of knowledge and understanding that enriches the experiences of all involved.
These objectives will be met thanks to mutual transfer of knowledge between academic and industrial partners during a common research work.

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