mutually opposed

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Benetton said the photos of political and religious leaders kissing were "symbolic images of reconciliation - with a touch of ironic hope and constructive provocation - to stimulate reflection on how politics, faith and ideas, when they are divergent and mutually opposed, must still lead to dialogue and mediation.
The editors make a valiant effort to tie all of the contributors' essays to the twin themes of prophecy and violence--two terms which, as some of these scholars demonstrate, are often mutually opposed rather than conjoined in Milton's writing--but the essays are bound more tightly together by their shared admiration for and indebtedness to Lieb's work than by the book's stated topic.
Relative frequencies are still being debated, but I feel that we have moved on to investigating, for example, what situations produce a more punctuated or more gradualistic pattern, or the interaction of constraints and adaptation, rather than having mutually opposed options.
In the 1970s, when the late Eric Mottram held the helm of London's Poetry Review, the English-speaking literary world was split into two mutually opposed factions - the traditionalists and the innovators.
For all his speaking out against critical judgment--his stated desire to just make us happy--it is the simultaneous pull of repulsion and attraction, and our awareness of this mutually opposed response, that structures our attention to his work.
This monotheistic imperative has historically led to one of two mutually opposed conclusions, one universalist, the other particularist.
Africa and Europe were not yet strange and mutually opposed universes: they were two shores of the same sea.
Lardas's first chapter anchors his interpretation of the Beats' apocalyptic vision along the lines of Spengler's division of experience into mutually opposed discourses of "capital" and "spirit" articulated in Decline of the West (41).
23-29) to certain unnamed thinkers--the reference is possibly to Anaximander--that if any of the mutually opposed four elements were the unique and unlimited first principle, the remaining three, being finite, would, contrary to observed fact, long since have ceased to exist.
But let's extend the analogy, if only because it implicitly challenges the notion that we are dealing with two radically different, mutually opposed, "civilizations.
If all the bearing rings are tight, fretting corrosion and creep can be eliminated but the designer must choose between two options: 1) using two spherical roller bearings that accommodate misalignment but do not have adequate axial displacement capability and thus potentially accept mutually opposed thrust loads; or 2) using a spherical roller bearing in combination with a cylindrical roller bearing that allows axial displacement but does not have adequate misalignment capability and thus accept uneven raceway load distribution.
In so doing, the state both illumined and embodied conflicting models of patriarchy, not least because of the mutually opposed interests of fathers and husbands concerning the size and terms of dowries.