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Brasselet said that the new technique could be used in the near future to better understand progression in diseases that involve a breakdown of the myelin sheath, such as Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis.
Key words: Nerve fiber myelin sheath axon cerebellar white matter; D-galactose INTRODUCTION
As people age, production of the myelin sheath slows and the sheath becomes thinner and more susceptible to damage from disease, environmental stressors, and genetic factors, At the same time, age-associated diminishment of the brain's blood supply and damage to the small blood vessels in the brain may compound the problem by reducing the delivery of nourishment and oxygen to brain cells.
Plus, say the scientists, these tiny tubes resemble myelin sheaths, which surround and protect neuron extensions in living organisms.
But it may also be speculated that late reabsorption of prilocain if it was injected within the myelin sheath or immediate healing of a small reversible injury of the neuronal fibers might have been the reasons.
The stem cells developed into immune cells that did not see the myelin sheath as alien, and therefore did not attack it.
The causes are not known for sure, the likeliest being a breakdown in the protective myelin sheath around the nerve allowing abnormal transmission of pain impulses to the brain.
The money is going to a Cambridge University research project which aims to find a way of repairing the central nervous system's myelin sheath, that is damaged when MS is contracted.
The final step, myelin formation, involved an up-regulation of specific glial cell proteins that function to cause the expanding plasma membrane to spirally wrap into a tightly compacted multilayered myelin sheath.
But the overdose also ate away at the myelin sheath that protects the spinal cord.
I have multiple system's atrophy, one of the illnesses which directly attacks the myelin sheath of the brain and central nervous system.