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s mantra: mysticism is not for the privileged few, but "the integral human experience" involving a "new innocence," prayer, silence, and contemplation.
Since these components are in contradiction with national and religious culture, and is part of transforming the faith fundamentals, it is a factor for creating insecurity, irregularity and religious contrasts specially with Islamic mysticism which brings special damages to cultural and security foundations by spreading in wide area of society.
In her introduction to her short story "La dama joven" of 1884, she emphasized her partiality to mysticism that had always played a major part in her identity as a Catholic writer: "[M]e he desviado del camino de la observacion, pagando tributo a mis perennes inclinaciones misticas, al deleite dificil de expresar, y entretejido con dulces melancolias, que me causa la contemplacion de objetos donde se revela y encarna el sentimiento religioso" (Obras completas 668).
15) The religious context of Ruusbroec's project of spiritual life that evolved into mysticism seems to be in some way analogous to the contemporary spiritual context.
GOD OF OUR UNDERSTANDING: JEWISH SPIRITUALITY & RECOVERY FROM ADDICTION offers a survey linking spiritual wellness and addiction and recovery processes, considering Jewish spirituality in particular and writing of Jewish mysticism and twelve-step spiritual growth processes.
The poetic experience is above all an experience of immanence, or at the most an experience of what is sometimes called transmanence, whereas mysticism (at least within the above-mentioned tradition) is predominantly an experience of transcendence.
Martin Hudale became a born-again Christian at the age of 40 and spent 25 years researching and writing "The Matrix of Mysticism.
Mysticism pervades both current and historical Christian thought, but is a topic that many do not understand or are afraid to investigate.
Louis, provides us with an incisive and extremely detailed study of Islamic mysticism (called Sufism).
As the title suggests, this work provides a phenomenological account of mysticism and the "verticality of religious experience.
In combining many different elements from Kabbalism to alchemical currents, SECRET HISTORY OF WESTERN SEXUAL MYSTICISM offers up a unique set of cross-connections essential to connecting spirituality with religious history.
Kabbalah, Science And The Meaning of Life" by kabbalist and scientist Rav Michael Laitman deftly shares with his readers the hidden aspects of reality long known to students of the Judaic mysticism known as 'kabbalah' and only now beginning to emerge from western scientific inquiries.