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For each country, contributors address a range of questions, including the relationship of the amending procedure to the type and substance of constitution, the effect of demanding amending procedures on constitutional devaluation and mystification, whether amending procedures achieve the goals they are designed to serve (i.
beaucoup moins que] Nous refusons que l'Algerie fasse l'objet d'une quelconque operation de mystification ou de diversion a travers ce genre d'elucubrations irresponsables et nous restons resolument aux cotes du peuple tunisien frere que nous assurons de toute notre solidarite dans ses efforts pour faire triompher ses ideaux et ses aspirations [beaucoup plus grand que], conclut M.
Class oppression and religious mystification were as unacceptable as state regimentation and social conformity for Goldman, who equally demanded individual self-expression and structural change.
And her favorite English author is John Fowles, a master of mystification in modern literature.
Mais elles ne peuvent pas etre des tours de passe-passe ou des mystifications et hier (parlant de jeudi) c'etait une mystification", a reagi Francois Hollande sur France Inter.
From another side, we refuse Alfa's intentional neutral position which has directly contributed to the mystification of truth and to the uncover of Tarek's innocence.
Court sources have expressed their mystification over the fact that the arrested culprits had been produced in court in a rather silent way without much fanfare, which was quite unusual, in face of enormity of situation.
In La Guzla, an early publication in the form of faux-Illyrian folk ballads authored by Prosper Merimee that is habitually termed a mystification, the essentially allusive nature of the text resonates with the preying, parasitic vampires that feature in some of the songs (chapter two).
I also feel that medical professionals' stating that non-medical staff "don't understand" things can at times be used to consolidate power through mystification of certain types of basic knowledge that are more accessible than we might think.
There are some people in the profession who to some degree enjoy the mystification of what they do, that it s not penetrable.
From late summer to early fall, Sigman toured this "portable, interdisciplinary performance installation" to several New York City parks, providing a free spectacle and a blend of wonder, mystification, education, expiation, and motivation to folks who just happened to be hanging around or passing through.
Chamberlain's sense of humor disarms and charms while he goes about the task of removing the cobwebs of mystification from the kitchen.