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Tope would have found highly mystifying, but that her attention was divided by the service of the table.
She made an important and mystifying secret of what she intended doing with her earnings, and Billy teased her about it until the matter passed from his mind.
Betteredge," he said, "as you have honoured me by taking an oar in my boat, and as you may, I think, be of some assistance to me before the evening is out, I see no use in our mystifying one another any longer, and I propose to set you an example of plain speaking on my side.
Summary: Humpback whales have a mystifying navigational skill that cannot be explained by known theories, a study has found.
With a potentially cheating wife, a degrading and extremist boss, and the police deciding his mother to be the prime suspect for the mystery of a local woman's death, Superior Death deftly maneuvers the language and plot for a highly mystifying tale as Marshall delves deeper into the terrifying truths encumbering his small town.
This would be mystifying unless one considers that when the consent decree ends, so does the BRU's platform and power over the transportation agency.
Smart, focused works like these and Here in My Car, in which a mystifying array of junk is somehow animated to produce a melancholic projection of a vehicle moving through a rainy city, confirm Burns's reputation for technically accomplished tinkering.
Also on the bill were Timeless Red, a mystifying piece from 1998 that featured Wood as a taunting Victorian go-go dancer, plus a yogi and three fierce women with chairs.
I find the whole Beyonce thing really mystifying,"" Cowell told Esquire magazine.
But after the middle of the century opinion shifted so radically that now most scholars believe that the Gospel ended with its mystifying abruptness.
So I begin this article with a simple definition of this mystifying term.