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Then inch by inch out of the grass rose up the head and spread hood of Nag, the big black cobra, and he was five feet long from tongue to tail.
Nag knew that too and, at the bottom of his cold heart, he was afraid.
said Nag, lashing up as high as he could reach toward the nest in the thorn-bush.
So saying, he trotted off on the student's nag, and left the poor fellow to gather wisdom till somebody should come and let him down.
His nag gone lame in riding out here this blessed afternoon, and comfortably littered down in our stable at this minute; and he giving up a good hot supper and our best bed, because Miss Haredale has gone to a masquerade up in town, and he has set his heart upon seeing her
And now that the nag has got his wind again,' said Mr Chuckster rising in a graceful manner, 'I'm afraid I must cut my stick.
Why, Mikolka, are you crazy to put a nag like that in such a cart?
That wretched nag was to drag all the cartload of them at a gallop
A wretched nag like that pulling such a cartload," said another.
He sees his enemy: horsemen sitting motionless, with long spears in rest, upon blindfolded broken-down nags, lean and starved, fit only for sport and sacrifice, then the carrion-heap.
D'Artagnan had seen their nags in the stable, and their equipages in the salle.
Along the roads around the chateau came a few grave personages mounted on mules or country nags.