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7 Damian Lazarus - Crosstown Rebels mix Aslow-burner of an album but naggingly good when it gets under your skin.
suggested below, it is an answer that seems naggingly insufficient in
The joke wears thin surprisingly quickly and within 10 minutes Slater becomes naggingly irksome, someone whom you'd gladly fight on the beaches.
In part, this is due to naggingly high unemployment and lack of evidence that the panorama for job creation and wages will improve soon.
Chasing a Knowle & Dorridge total of 234 for eight, Walsall were in real trouble when they plummeted to 74 for six with the irrepressible Mike Palmer proving a real handful with his naggingly accurate line and length.
But Palace are naggingly consistent this season and could yet spring a surprise.
Naggingly high inflation (13 percent in 2002) and 50 percent unemployment will contribute to an atmosphere of no-growth in household spending this year.
Naggingly high unemployment of 15 percent is undermining consumer confidence.
However the starry-eyed rewrite of the Thatcher years seemed naggingly familiar.
Nevertheless, job creation has not kept up with growth of the labor force in recent years, leading to naggingly high unemployment and burgeoning underemployment.