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Thomas Henry--yes, Thomas Henry was the poor child's name.
I said, 'My friend and I would like to know what your name is, if you don't mind.
Being in the law, I have learnt the habit of not committing myself in writing, and therefore I did not mention to your ladyship the name of the firm with which I am connected and in which my standing--and I may add income--is tolerably good.
Guppy, standing midway between my Lady and his chair, "whether your ladyship ever happened to hear of, or to see, a young lady of the name of Miss Esther Summerson.
he murmured; "if not in the name of God, at least in your own name; if not as priest, then as son.
His wife had told me that I made a bad beginning when I signed the wrong name in the marriage register.
Then, after a pause, he repeated my mother-in-law's name to himself in a doubting, questioning tone.
You may name the little hired boy who lived with the LESTERS," conceded Anne.
I'm afraid that is too aristocratic a name for a chore boy, Diana.
There are no estates to manage, no rents to return so much per cent upon in bad times (which is an extremely dear way of getting your name into the newspapers), no voters to become parboiled in hot water with, no agents to take the cream off the milk before it comes to table.
Mr Lightwood, I will now name to you, that on behalf of the poor dear boy, me and Mrs Boffin have stood out against the old man times out of number, till he has called us every name be could lay his tongue to.
If not, I'm afraid I can offer him no better explanation; and in fact I am all impatience to open my knapsack, and inform myself of the name of her to the discovery of whom my wanderings are henceforth to be devoted.