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The research, published online in the Journal of Personality, shows we are more likely to pick narcissists as leaders.
Charismatic narcissists says Premuzic, are masterful impression managers.
Narcissists believe the world revolves around them.
Narcissists have much strength when it comes to leadership.
He further emphasized that SINS shouldn't be seen as a replacement for the longer narcissism questionnaires because NPI and other instruments could provide more information to researchers, such as which form of narcissism someone has, however, SINS could allow researchers to identify narcissists very easily.
Though Maccoby acknowledges that a productive narcissist will also have a tendency to be over-sensitive to criticism and may be seen to be overly obsessed with position, power and their status, their ability to do what others find very difficult will engender support by "drawing people into their vision, and produce a cohort of disciples who will pursue the dream for all it's worth.
Researchers found that though narcissists are more likely to emerge as group leaders, after a certain point, too much narcissism is likely to undermine a person's effectiveness as a leader.
More than being a narcissist, what he did needed a big dose of courage.
So, shortly after that, he and some friends jokingly and spontaneously thought of some ideas for “You Might Be a Narcissist If…” and thus the book began.
A narcissist intent on preserving his beauty makes a deal with the devil - and finds his soul corrupting with the same alacrity as the portrait of himself he hides away.
A quick way to kill your reputation is to be a shameless narcissist.
It's as easy to picture narcissist CEOs who aggressively invest in new technologies that don't pan out so well.