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Fourth, there has been previous criticism of these rankings in which "researchers narcissistically focus on themselves" (Martinez-Brawley & Zorita, 1998, p.
Freud, in comparing melancholia with mourning, saw melancholia as characteristic of an arrested process in which the depressed, self-beating, and traumatized self, locked in compulsive repetition, is possessed by the past, faces a future of impasses, and remains narcissistically identified with the lost object.
By initially projecting an idealised version of her real mother, Coraline casts her in a new symbolic order, narcissistically motivated, that confirms rather than abolishes her sense of self.
He saw melancholia as characteristic of an arrested process in which the depressed and traumatized self, locked in compulsive repetition, remains narcissistically identified with the lost object.
It focuses almost narcissistically on the dramatic shifts in image which accompany the rise of a new star .
Conversation now, as it did for Addison, seems to end up working best when it narcissistically encounters difference as the familiar.
The last part of this statement is especially intriguing, for as we may notice in this typical set of panels, Kochalka's I-con acquires the symbolic potential to convey an impossible relation to itself, narcissistically multiplied in the panel structure's spatial fantasy of an enclosed self-referentiality (suggesting that the significance of the elf is partly its lexical proximity to the word "self").
Consumer culture, Featherstone (1991) explains "uses images, signs and symbolic goods which summon up dreams, desires and fantasies which suggest romantic authenticity and emotional fulfillment in narcissistically pleasing oneself, instead of others" (p.
With vast economic resources, no moral sense, and the singular goal of making money, corporations act narcissistically as a matter of ordinary practice.
A marriage to relatively selfless Viola bodes well for Orsino's getting outside himself, spending his virtues rather than hoarding them narcissistically.
If one compares the way language works in folk- and fairy-tales (for example, the pleasurable and self-confident position offered by the genre to its narrators and readers/listeners) (22) to Orlando's way of narcissistically wallowing in styles and words, one may come to the conclusion that the tradition of oral story-telling is as important an antecedent to the novel as the works of Defoe and Sterne.
Although New York critics somewhat narcissistically embraced the work as a paean to their own particular city, it functioned in a more general way as a portrait of urban neighborhood life at mid-century, brimming with little incidents, as a Cincinnati journalist insisted, that "could happen in any large city east of the Mississippi River.